Rosary Victories


Through the praying of the Rosary, Christianity has been saved in these moments of crisis:

1213 - Victory of Muret
When Christians were at battle against the heretical Albigensians, St. Dominic taught them to pray the Rosary, and this heresy was defeated.

1571 - The Battle of Lepanto
On October 7, 1571 the Turks attempted to invade Christian  Europe at Lepanto on the coast of Greece.  The Pope asked Catholics to pray the Rosary for the defeat of the Turks.  Christians were outnumbered 3 to 1, but thanks to the Rosary, they were victorious. The feast of Our Lady of the Rosary is now celebrated on October 7th every year in memory of this battle.

1627 - La Rochelle, France
King Louis XIII went to war against the Huguenots and asked his subjects to pray the Rosary for the victory of France.  King Louis' army won, and this battle is recorded as one of he most miraculous military victories through the Rosary.

1683 - The Battle of Vienna, Austria
A small garrison led by a wounded general desperately fought to hold the city of Vienna against 300,000 Turkish invaders. The power of the Rosary was demonstrated in their victory, and the Turkish invaders were kept at bay.

1716 - Peterwaradein, Hungary
Even after their defeat in Vienna, the Turks continued to provoke Europe. Once again, the people prayed the Rosary, and Prince Eugene of Savoy led the Christian  armies to victory. As a result, the Pope ordered that the universal Church celebrate the feast of the Holy Rosary in thanksgiving for the victories won.

1955 - Austria
Facing the threat of Communism, the Austrian  people prayed the Rosary to overcome what seemed like the inevitable. Everyday for 7 years, many Austrians prayed the Rosary. Then, without cause, the Communists withdrew.

1966 and 1975
Both Brazil in 1966 and Portugal in 1975 were spared Communist rule through the Rosary's power and are considered major military triumphs through the Rosary.


Archbishop Fulton Sheen said, "The rosary is the book of the blind, where souls see and there enact the greatest drama of love the world has ever known; it is the book of the simple, which initiates them into mysteries and knowledge more satisfying than the education of other men; it is the book of the aged, whose eyes close upon the shadow of this world, and open on the substance of the next. The power of the rosary is beyond description."

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