The mission of the Rosary Shrine is to instruct visitors on the importance of the daily recitation of the Rosary. That will be accomplished through printed materials, frequent guest speakers, days of recollection, etc. The goal is to inspire a closer union with Jesus Christ through meditation on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary and to more frequent reception of the Sacraments. At the same time people will learn how to enter more deeply into the Rosary’s mysteries so that they become part of their lives. The Shrine will be a place of spirituality and of theological reflection. It will encourage people to turn to Mary for refuge and hope in all their needs. The current crisis in our nation and around the world calls or an earnestness in Marian devotion. War, greed, poverty, terrorism and the annual slaughter of millions of innocent babies are evidence of pervasive evil. Through the praying of the Rosary many souls can be converted.